Becky Bender graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B. S. in math and has been teaching high school math classes ever since. Although beginning in public and private high schools, she loves teaching home-school classes, because smaller class sizes allow for more individualized instruction. She has been teaching home-school math classes for over twenty years. Several years ago, Mrs. Bender began teaching Physics and Chemistry and enjoys applying math to real scientific situations. Mrs. Bender teaches Saxon algebra with geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus, allowing students to get four years of math in three years. The science curriculum is Exploring Creation with physics and chemistry (Apologia) by Dr. Jay Wile. Both of the chemistry and physics courses include labs and satisfy the credit requirement for lab sciences. Mrs. Bender’s love of math and science is contagious and her love for the Lord helps make a comfortable learning environment. Additional tutoring is also available when needed. Her students often improve multiple grade levels on standardized tests.

Danny Bender has been active in Christian ministry from a young age.  He has been involved in worship and music ministry, led youth groups and has also served as chaplain of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  Currently, Danny is the Music Minister at Beacon Bible Church.  Danny has had a love of history throughout his life.  He enjoys reading books and magazines on the subject and watching historical documentaries.  He loves visiting museums and other historical sites whenever possible.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from ASU West.

This will be Mr. Bender’s fourth year teaching history at the Calvary Homeschool Co-op.  The history curriculum used is from a Christian perspective.  Danny involves all of his students in class discussions and he encourages his students to pursue their interests through short oral reports.  His concern for his students and sense of humor make the class a positive learning experience.  Last year the history classes visited the Bible Museum here in Phoenix.

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Rich Endicott joins our home schooling team focused on Economics. Rich has 35+ years of banking and international finance background. Currently, Rich is President of Parkway Bank Arizona and served as President of Biltmore Bank & Executive VP for Deutsche Bank in the USA and Canada. Attended University of Kansas and graduated Duke University Management program.

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Dave Melendrez, 66 years of age, married to Sheri Melendrez. They share 5 daughters together. He was born in New Mexico on his father’s farm, and when he was 5 years old, his family moved to California in1960.  He is the second youngest out of a family of 9 kids and was raised in a Christian family. He grew up speaking mostly Spanish and attended Spanish speaking churches in his early years.  He accepted the Lord Jesus when he was 10 years old and is still walking with Him today. Dave works in sales and marketing for a company with products for the construction industry.  He is looking forward to teaching Spanish to homeschoolers at Calvary Homeschool Coop

Gabriela (Gigi) Cannon has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Arizona.  Steve, Gigi and their four children, Krystal, Kassie, Kellie, Steve, have lived in Arizona 36 years.  They homeschooled their children for twenty two years.  Gigi has taught Physical Science eight years, High School Biology twenty-one years, and Advanced Biology seventeen years in homeschool coops.  She and her family attend Calvary Community Church.  She loves science and the opportunity to teach about the incredible design seen in God’s creation. 

Shannon McRoy has worked with children since her youth.  The crux of her ministry is helping young people grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.  She worked as a Children's Ministry Coordinator at Calvary Community Church for 20 years.  Mrs. McRoy is also well acquainted with home schooling which she began in 1998 with her oldest daughter.  She has continuously home schooled all her six children since that time.  Shannon believes that children learn best when they are engaged through multiple senses.  She looks forward to getting to know your student's learning style through classroom interaction as well as sparking his/her desire to learn through lab work.  She considers teaching the class a ministry opportunity as she assists each child in learning about the complexity of our Creator.

Trisha Endicott resides in Scottsdale with her family, and has been active in the home schooling community for the past 12 years. Trisha is a real estate agent, and interior designer, but boasts her most important role was to homeschool her 4 children through high school. Now that her kids have graduated college, she believes in giving back to those organizations, and resources, that helped so much in the educational success of her own children. Trisha has been with the Calvary Homeschooling Co-op, as a grammar teacher, for the past 4 years.